Monday, December 24, 2012

[Coserstyle] Shinku wig

Hi everyone, how was your holiday? :D
First of all, I want to say merry christmas!
If you notice, actually shinku's costume have red and green color so it reminds me about christmas too. That's why I'm thinking about reviewing this wig today :)

Just to let you know, this wig was from coserstyle (taobao store) and the wig has 3 parts. They're 1 base and 2 twintails. Also, length of the twintails is 120 cm.

>Fibre : it's kanekalon fiber and you can iron it up to 180 Celcius degree. I ever tried to curling the wig once and it was still okay.

> Smoothness : Yes it's so smooth and easy to comb. But too bad when I used to an outdoor event, it's rather easy to be tangled (because the twintails are sooo long)

> Cap: it's up to large size, which is if a person has big head or thick hair. It will fit perfectly to your head :)

>Thickness: normal, not too thick or too thin.

> Color: the actual color is golden blonde. But, the color from the website photo is different from the real one. What i notice is the lightning they used for taking or editing the photo is too much.

And this is a photo of me when I used the wig xP

-) can be heated up to 180 Celcius
-) smooth
-) easy to comb
-) the cap is fit for a person with big head/thick hair
-) Little fallout
-) not too heavy

-) rather easy to tangled
-) pricey
-) the real color is different with the website's photo

Rating: 8/10

Will I buy another wig from this store?
Maybe. But I prefer to buy from another store.

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