Saturday, December 22, 2012

Taiwan (Taipei) Trip

Hello again to all of you :D
It's a little bit late for me to tell my trip to taipei, because I went there on mid November..
Actually it's the 3rd time I've spent my holiday there and of course, it's lots of fun to have a holiday there xD

First of all, Taiwan is actually has many things to enjoy. I love the foods, places, and the important one --> SHOPPING xD xD It's really cheap to buy things and of course you can find many cute things too :P
Compared to china, the people were more friendly (in my opinion) and oftenly I don't need to bargain the price because they already have fixed price.

If you like japanese fashion, you can find many things with japanese style at Taiwan. At the sogo, they have many japan brands that you can find. Other than that, if you want to find cheaper things you can go to some places like Taipei City mall and shops around zhong xiao Sogo store.

(Street Snaps around Zhong Xiao Sogo)

(Big size of Crocs shoes xP)

For the 3 trips I spent on my holiday, I always stayed at i taipei service apartment. It connected to Q square and taipei city mall. Also, it's really easy to find public transportation such as train or taxi.

In Q square, at the women fashion department there are lots of things that caught my attention and of course it made me want to bought it. But when I see the price, again I need to think about it xP LOL.
And after go to some shops I found liz lisa store! So the temptation began there ;;w;; I also found tralala store which sells gyaru and harajuku stuffs. There're so many cute and cool things, but the price is not really friendly :X
Too bad I can't get the photo of liz lisa shop because the lightning isn't really good, so I only took some pictures on tralala shop. Here are the photos:

And some food's photos that I found:
 (Yamazaki Bread ;;w;; )

 (Lots of cheese :O )
 (Dinner with my family)

Another cute and unique things that I found, the heart and bunny plants xD

For your information, for those who loves anime, manga, or something like that (people call it otaku) . You will be very happy when visiting Taipei city mall. There, you can find figurines, comics, magazine, and toys with cheap and affordable price (if compared in Indonesia). From what I know, there's also a maid cafe and butler cafe, but I can't go to that place because I went together with my family :3
In winter, I found many cute and pretty things in Taipei city mall compared to summer season. Too bad, because I only 4 days in November trip, so I can't really buy many things.
But, here are the photos of my haul :

 (Same model, but I bought 3 different colors for these shoes)

(Kate Spade bag <3 Totally in love with this bag xD)

As a conclusion, I recommend you to go to Taiwan, especially Taipei <3 And to be honest, in my travel wish I put Taiwan as the 2nd number after Japan. Because I never once go to Japan T^T 

See you on my next post~ :D

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