Friday, November 30, 2012

Healthy Diet Tips and Trick (lose 0,5-1 kg/week)

I'm back to be more active, because Final test had finished <3 <3 So excited because of it xD
Today, I'm gonna tell you about tips and trick to do on a diet. It's absolutely important to be healthy, but it will be more awesome if you have an ideal figure.
Ideal Figure is not based on what you looked compared to others, especially when you compared yourself with the korean actress. It's based on how many fat you have in your body. To have an ideal figure, you should have an average fat content, not too little or too much.
*Ps: I've done this diet trick before and had succeed to lose 5kg. I don't get more weight loss because I set the goal to lose exactly 5kg.

So, here's the things to begin our diet :)
1. Measure your height and weight. To know your ideal weight, use this formula: 
    (Height in cm) - 107 = Your ideal weight
2. Make goal or timetable to reach your ideal weight
3. Some things you should NOT eat when doing this diet =
--- Fried (deep fry or pan fry)
--- Ice cream
--- Contains cream
--- Cow or duck meat
--- coconut milk
--- cheese
--- Preservative foods or cans
4. Start to DECREASE for eating this food =
--- contains flour/carbohydrate
--- sugar
--- Seafood

5. Do exercise min. 4 times/week for 45-60 minutes (non-stop)
*For reference, because the time period is long so I decide to walk non-stop for my exercise
6. Drink many water. Because water can helps your digestive to be more good in absorbs nutrition and it makes you eat little.

So, examples of food you could eat are ....
> baked
> fruits and vegetables ( eat as many as you want!)
> fish, chicken

And finally I should admit this :X In my own opinion, maybe you won't have very big ideas for eating and maybe you think this diet would torture you. But you should know something, you can eat many healthy food if you want to search the recipe. There are so much thing you could search on the internet.
As for i-Pod or i-phone user, there are so much useful application to support your diet. I use "myfitnesspal" for looking my progress and instagram would be great to search inspirations to do your diet.

Last but not least, these are the tips that i want to share (it's really helpful)
>>Don't mix too many diet method because it won't be useful/successful.
>> try to search calorie counter application and make notes everyday or every 2 days how many calorie have you eat and compare to exercises that you've done. Is it balanced?
>> expand your knowledge on healthy food and "fatty" foods
>> Make commitment in yourself to be patient and be happy with any of your weight loss, but don't stop until you've reach your goal.
>> It'll be so hard in the beginning to start a healthy routine, but once you've done it. You'll be more happy for go through it.
>> After 2 months or 3 months on your diet, it's normal when you'll face harder times to loss your weight.
>> FACTS: Playing music will also burn your fat.

If you have further questions just comment it below :) Have a nice day! :D

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