Friday, November 30, 2012

[Coastal Scents] 78 eyeshadow blush palette

It's been so long since I've made a post to this blog, cause there're so much thing to do on my past weekends and also the weekdays T^T
But, today I'm back with full of courage and I want to write a review about a palette that I bought 5 months ago and I'm sooo lucky to get that palette with discount price <3 <3
*PS: please remember if you want to buy this product, you should look carefully at the colors in the palette and the original one ONLY have blush and eyeshadow in this palette. Because there're so many palette that says the brand is coastal scents, but it's the price so much cheaper than you purchase on the official website/supplier.

Official website

And here's the pics of my palette <3
(top) cover of the palette, (bottom) package

Wanna know does it worthed to buy? So, keep reading my review <3

Packaging = Since I think packaging is important, I should say this is GREAT! Why? The package is simple but nice, also from this picture below, you can see the eyeshadows are well organized. So it will be easier for anyone to choose the color that you want to use. But, a palette has a big size (same as any other palette) so I think it's not really suitable for bringing it anywhere~ Usually I only use it at home.

Pigmentation = The colors are easy to blend and shows up really well to my eyes, you'll only need a little amount to use the eyeshadow and the result will be much better if you use eye primer. But, some of the light color doesn't show up when you already apply it to your eyes, especially for the white. In my opinion, I don't like the white color in this palette, because my eyes will looks strange when using this color 0__0
(I've take a pic, so you can see the pigmentation of this eyeshadow)

(Top-left) I touch the eyeshadow slightly, (Top-right) after cleaning it with water

As for the blush on, I love the colors they choose for this palette. Because I can use it for the blush on my cheeks and also for contouring my face <3 and when use it, the color will shows up naturally.

The colors are so GORGEOUS right? and sooo many pastel colors <3 

Stay power = For the stay power, if you use eye primer the colors could be last for almost 12 hours. But for the blush personally I think it only stays for 5 hours.
(I use my makeup on 9am and this pics below taken on 9pm)

Overall, here's the PROS:
-) Affordable, I bought it only IDR 225.000
-) Easy to blend
-) Great pigmentation
-) The eyeshadow's color are well-organized
-) Nice and pretty colors

-) Doesn't stays long without primer
-) Not travel friendly
-) The light colors doesn't really shows up

Rating = 9.5/10

Overall Comments,
It's an awesome product, the price are affordable and it has so much colors. So, for beginners I think it will really suites you <3

Thanks for reading! :)

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