Friday, September 21, 2012

[Diva Soul] brown circle lens

Hi everyone,
I've just bought 1 pair of circle lens 1 month ago and I chose brown color, because I think brown always suits in any occasion :P When I'm talking about this lens, I could say this lens is "low price, but high quality" xD

Here's the information of the circle lens that I bought..

Manufacturer: Diva

Production (country): Korea
Diameter: 14.80 mm
Water content: 50 %
life span : 12 months

To the review~
Enlargement = BIG!! :D Even though the diameter is only 14.80 mm, when you wears it, it looks like you're wearing 16++ mm lens.

Comfort = I felt so comfortable when wearing this pair of lens. After getting this lens, the next day I tried to use this pair to a cosplay event and I wore it for 13 hours (from 8 am until 9 pm) without using any eyedrops.
When I realized it, I felt really satisfied for buying this lens because it's really comfortable >w< 
But, at the first time you're wearing this lens, you'll feel it's uncomfortable. The solution that I've done to solve this problem is slowly move the lens to the right & left and rotate the lens (360 degrees), after that I put a single eyedrops, blink my eyes 3-5 times, and finalyyy! it feels comfortable until night :)

Color = The color is natural and sometimes others won't notice when you're wearing this lens, but I like to used this lens for cosplaying as lolita characters or family outing or party :) It's really multifunction~

Below, I'll give you the 2 photos of mine wearing the lens, when I went to a friend's party and also cosplay event :D :D
(Going to a friend's party)

(Cosplay time~)

Another photos~ to give you more information :)

This photo (below) is the comparison when I'm wearing the lens (left) and not wearing the lens (right). See the big differences right? xD My eye looks sooo bigger :D

Here's the summary~
-) Cheap price (around IDR 100.000) xD
-) VERY comfortable
-) BIG enlargement
-) Natural color

-) a little hard to put it into your eyes (maybe because I have a small eyes .__. )
-) the life span is not really 12 months, it's based on how you take care the lens.

So, will I buy again this lens next time?
Absolutely :D

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