Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sweet Bunny Lolita Dress

I can't update my blog recently, because I have to prepare so many things for my college and do a short internship :(
However, all that things is done! (even though I will face my IELTS test on Saturday .__. )

Forget about that~ xD
Anyway, I'm SUPER HAPPY, because my handmade dress is finally done. Also, I have wear it once to an event named, hobby fest.

That feeling when I wear my very own dress for the first time is SUPER ....................
Of course, I feel satisfied, joyful, and all the good feelings mixed up in my mind  >w<

Finally, I want to present the dress which I made~

Still can't see the details? Let's look closer :)

Other than the dress, I also made a matching head accessories.

*  *  *

Story Behind the Dress
It's actually inspired by the happiness in a bunny family which represents on the fabric's pattern. The bunny mother wears an apron. The next thing that came to my mind was "Maid"
Finally, I decided to combined sweet lolita with maid to represent this cute bunny family >v< 

What do you think about this dress? Please Comment below~ :)

Oh anyway, I have more selcas~ 
Don't get bored to see my face xD LOL.

The makeup on Hobby fest without using my wig x)

Thanks for reading,
hope you have a great day~


  1. The dress is really pretty!^^ you have a lot of talent!

    1. Yeayy xD I'm really glad to hear that :)
      Thanks a lot, you're so kind <3

  2. A really pretty dress and hair accessories..! Do you take request? haha <3

    1. Thanks a lot for the compliment xD
      Yes, I do. But, currently I only take request for people who live in Indonesia :)

    2. Love your wig too I'm planning to get a wig on taobao soon T_T and I do live in indonesia hehe

    3. I really love that wig too xD
      If you plan to buy that kind of wig on taobao, maybe you can try
      They have lots of cute wig xD

      Wah really? I thought you live overseas. hahaha :P
      Well, if you want to request a customize dress you can contact me by email (

      Btw, thank you for following me back :)

    4. you're welcome I enjoy reading your blog posts ^^ omg!! gkyouko is taobao store i'm eyeing haha i loveeee the wigs they have :D but I'm not sure about the quality. are they decent?

      haha nooo just like you I live here ^^ jakarta to be exact :D okay I will email you thank you rika-chan ^^

    5. I'm not really sure about the quality, because I haven't buy any. But, I've saw some reviews and it said that gkyouko have a good quality, like the wig doesn't tangled easily & smooth.
      So, actually I'm planning to buy from gkyouko on June/July ~ hahaha xD

      We live in a same city then <3
      Alright, you're very welcome :D

  3. kawaii kawaii kawaii kawaii !!!
    the bag is too cute ^//^

    1. Thank youu >///< hehehe.
      I really love that bag too <3 xD

  4. Cute outfit. I love the pink and purple wig. I'm a sucker for candy colored wigs. :D

    1. Thanks a lot dear~ xD
      I also in love with pastel colored wigs, they are so lovely <3

  5. Aaw you look so pretty and cute! I love your wig and your bag *-* <3
    Your dress is really handmade? Wow you are really talented it´s beautiful x3

    Much Love

    1. Yes, it's handmade :)
      Thanks a lot for the sweet words <3 I'm really happy to hear that xD