Saturday, May 11, 2013

Beauty Secret of Flawless Face

Who doesn't want to have a nice baby skin?
Well, I believe almost every woman dream of having a flawless skin, including me :P
So, here's some tips and trick from me on how to take care our skin.

1. Drink lots of WATER (1 day min. 4 litre)
Water is really good for our health, and of course good for our skin too <3 Water is actually helps our digestive system, which make people won't get starving easily.

2. Eat Clean
What does it mean? Basicly, the most important things is to avoid eating fried foods.
It's not totally that you shouldn't eat the fried foods, but it will be good if you quit to eat fried foods at all. Not only you have a nice skin, you will also be more healthy and it will prevent us to have cholesterol.

Here's some food pictures that I made and of course it's healthy! :3

3. Eat many fruits and veggie
Fruits and veggie contains many vitamin and minerals which can help us to get a 'baby' skin by making it smoother.

Have you heard 'an apple a day keeps the doctors away' ?

Well, I encourage you to eat many fruits and veggies everyday to keep healthy~ xD

4. Skincare routine
This step is really important too! People absolutely won't get a clear skin by only doing the 3 tricks which I mention above.
Basicly, you only need to wash your face with face wash every morning and night. But, it will be really good if you add toner and face lotion into your daily skincare, because actually it helps a lot for preventing the unwanted acne on face.

Here, I will introduce you my 'weapon' for daily skincare routine :) All of these products were really great, especially the toner xD

Left to right:
Neutrogena pure mild facial cleanser - Body Shop Tea Tree Toner - Body Shop Tea Tree Lotion

When I'm writing these things, it's actually not only a made up story which is written based on my thought. I actually already do ALL of the 4 things above. It's proved, by doing all the steps my skin is not only better, but I have a smooth and moist skin <3
Moreover, I need to be honest that actually sometimes I'm lazy to wash my face and do the skincare routine at night (don't do this guys xD). But it didn't makes my face have lots of acne.

Finally, I have to say that the choice is in your hand. Do you want to have the 'baby' and flawless skin? Then, achieve it by doing the 4 steps.
Good luck! :D

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