Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Introducing: Nouveau Pro Studio

Hello everyone!

Do you live in Indonesia and want to do a photoshoot or photo session?
Try to visit Noveau Pro Studio :)

Where's the location?
Jl. Kejaksaan no. 10, Pondok Bambu Kavling.
Jakarta Timur

Let's take a peek inside the studio xD

Why choose Noveau Pro Studio?
They will provide the best service and the facilities were really great! 
Moreover, the price is reasonable too~

Here's the price and service package of this studio, so you will have more ideas :)

> Studio Rental
This package is suitable for any purpose, like photoshoot, video recording, or dance practice! xD

PRICE: IDR 70.000 / hour (with minimum 5 hours rent)
* BUT, if you're a STUDENT, you don't need to worry about the minimum requirements. Everytime you want to rent the studio, the minimum time for you is only 1 hour! 

> Product - Catalog
For store owners (offline or online) who wants to show their best products in the best light, this will be the suitable package for you! :)
You can bring around 15 products to have the picture taken. The example products which can be taken are accessories, lenses, beauty products, clothing, dresses, toys, electronics, and many more.

*Note = They won't provide a model for this package, but you can make a prior reservation with them for hiring the model.

DURATION: 3 hours
PRICE: starts at IDR 500.000 (depends on the item size, setting/layout, and editing. Also, they are open for negotiation)

> Product - Commercial/Food
If you want to works for the next banner in your website or cover magazine, then this is the suitable package for you. Each products will treated differently. Moreover, if you want to choose this package, you can come to the studio along with your proposal ideas. Don't forget to include statements about Who, When, What, Why, Where, and How in your proposal.

PRICE: Please call Noveau Pro Studio for information

> Headshot Coaching
It's one of their signature service. Anyone can looks good in the photo, eventhough you're not a model or photogenic :) This will be happened because they always do 90% coaching and 10% photography.
The BENEFITS are you will find your best angle and expressions (NO EDITING). Furthermore, you can take that knowledge for your next photoshoots :)
Available for men and women from all ages and occupation.

Durations: mostly 2-4 hours (for men) and 3-5 hours (for women)

PRICE: IDR 1.500.000 (including makeup, data in CD, and 10RS prints.)
*Note: the prints will be finished in approximately 3 working days, then it will be sent to you by post

> Beauty Shoot
Want to be a beauty goddess? Then, you should choose this option! :D
They will also provide the specific technique of artistic makeup.

DURATION: 4-5 hours

PRICE: Starting from IDR 700.000 (it depends on the makeup used)
*They welcomed for negotiation

> Portrait/Modeling/Cosplay
With mix and match clothes, makeup, and props, they will put magic (lol xD) and turn you into an awesome model. It's really suitable for those who start modeling, make a composite card, and making portfolio. Even, you can have a great photo for your Facebook profile! hahaha. Awesome right? xD

PRICE: IDR 100.000 / hour (minimum 2 hours)
*Note: you should set the duration in advance. Moreover, the price doesn't include their makeup artist service. They welcome for negotiation.

Even, the famous beauty blogger Stella Lee had done photoshoot at Noveau Photo Studio xD Let's see the photo result~ :)

It's really good, isn't it? :D

> Group Shot
They will help you through this service for any kinds of group shoot, like yearbook, dance team, and office staff photoshoot. Have a memorable memory by choosing this package :D

PRICE: Please call them for the price's information, along with the details of location, duration, theme/setting, and whether you will do a group shot of individual shot.
*Note: They would be happy to negotiate~

I'm happy to inform you, that you will get 10% discount on your fee by mentioning:
Loli Dreamland

Don't forget to visit Noveau Pro Studio and feel the amazing experience there :)


  1. Seems like a fun place! Unfortunately, I live on the other side of the world, haha ^^'

    1. Yep, it's a really fun place <3 xD
      That's too bad, but you can visit this place when you visit Jakarta when you have time xD hehehe.

  2. Woaah <33 I love your photoshoot! and the pink wig looks awesome

    how about following each other??

    greetz, lenie

    1. Thank you, but unfortunately I don't have my picture in this photoshoot x3

      That's a great idea, we have similar likes too <3 hehe.
      Anyway, I've followed your blog, please kindly follow me back too~ xD