Wednesday, January 29, 2014

[Fashion] Sugar Aqua

Hello everyone,
since I'm super busy with exam this week, so I could only post about my latest design..
Basically I'm using sugar bunnies fabric which is the same like my previous handmade dress (you can see it on this POST)

After making sketches, then I started to search fabric which will suits the main fabric (sugar bunnies fabric). I love how it finally turned out :)

The bow is detachable, therefore the person who wear it could using her creativity to attach the bow anywhere she likes.

Oh, anyway, the dress is commissioned for a customer. This post might answer some of you who are curious. "Yes, I accept commissioned outfit! You can ask me to make the design and create a dress/skirt/tops/etc for you.."

Basically, my design would be more into japanese fashion, I can made either kawaii/gothic/punk/harajuku clothing, but I can also made more 'simpler' outfits.
However if you ask, of course I'm actually specialized more into kawaii fashion <3 hahaha. 
I guess you can already predict about it by seeing my main theme for the blog and some of my design works.

After Chinese New year, I'll have more free time. Therefore I'll try to post more informative posts next month! :))

Thanks for reading, see you~

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