Tuesday, February 11, 2014

[Maybelline] Black Hyper Sharp Liner

Sorry for my long absence for blogging ;;
Anyway, I made a makeup review today by introducing one of my favorite eyeliner:)
Maybelline - Hyper Sharp Liner

Basically it's a liquid liner in pen type. Let's jump to my opinion~

>> Packaging: Quite normal. It's not too bad nor awesome. The design is very simple but don't really provide attractiveness. At least the packaging is not made from cheap plastic.
(Score: 3/5)

>> Brush Tip: as you can see on the picture above, the tip is sharp and thin, which makes easier if you like to draw a wing or thin eyeliner.
(Score: 5/5)

>> Formula: this eyeliner is really quick to dry, so if I made a mistake in drawing the liner, I need to fix it quickly.. Moreover, the liquids is not sticky/really wet.
Other than that, I ever compare this eyeliner with dolly wink liquid liner in black, even though dolly wink still more black than Maybelline eyeliner, still I would say this eyeliner still good in case of color. The 'blackness' more or less the same with Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner.
(Score: 4.5/5)

>> Staying Power : To me, this eyeliner is okay for the staying power. I ever once use it on 12 am and when I want to remove the eyeliner (at 10 pm), the liner doesn't smudge everywhere.
(Score: 3.5/5)

(1 time rubbing the eyeliner hardly)

>> Smudgeproof: I can't say this eyeliner is smudge proof, because after I rub the eyeliner, it started to smudge. However, when applying the eyeliner to the eyelid, as long you don't rub your eyes, it will be totally fine (the liner won't smudge)
(Score: 3.5/5)

(wipe 1 time using wet tissue to the eyeliner)

>> Waterproof: I think the picture above would explain. Eventhough it states waterproof, actually it's not that true. After I use wet tissue to the eyeliner, it started to fade, but only some drops of water will not ruin the eyeliner.
(Score: 2.5/5)

So, here's my conclusion..

+ Thin Brush tip
+ quick to dry
+ Give natural result (in case the black color)
+ Good staying power
+ Affordable, around $7

- Simple packaging design
- Not waterproof
- Kinda easy to smudge if you rub it with your hand.

In short, I still would recommend this eyeliner if you're searching for a good quality eyeliner in affordable price :)

See you in my next post~

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