Monday, February 24, 2014

[Lancome] Gloss in Love

Eventhough Valentine has already passed, but I'm sure February is still a month of love, right? hahaha.
Today, I'm going to share a lip gloss product which I got from attending an event last year.

Lancome, Gloss in Love #341 (Pink Pampille)

My first impression of this gloss is, "wahh it looks so pretty, but I'm not sure whether I'm suitable to use it or not :/"
I don't really love to use bright color for lip gloss/lip stick. In the picture below, you can see that the color is similar to dark pink/hot pink. lol.

So, what Lancome claims about this product?

My thoughts about this gloss..

> the packaging is different from usual lip gloss. You need to click/press the button and it will be open.

> unique applicator which the curves will fit your lips. Therefore, it'll be easier to apply the gloss.

Sometimes, the packaging can lie from its product performance right?
but, after trying the gloss several times, I thought that this gloss is actually have soft color. The pink color doesn't really obvious which is still suitable to use it with nude lipstick. The color also have a little shimmer, which will makes your lips kinda glowing/stand out~

> For the texture itself, this gloss didn't make my lips dry. However, lip gloss is still lip gloss, it feels kinda sticky, but not that bad.

 Picture when I apply the lip gloss (on lower lip) and doesn't apply anything on upper lip.
sorry the picture is kinda dark :(

For the price itself, it cost Rp. 280,000 or about $28. More expensive than other lip gloss. However, the quality of the product itself is still a match with the price.

Thanks for reading.
Have a nice day! :D

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