Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lolita Fashion Indonesia

Hi hi~
Today I want to introduce a page named...

Lolita Fashion Indonesia
a.k.a LFI

When I found this page, I was like super happy xD
Because I love lolita fashion, a lot! Previously there was a group which made specially for those who love victorian, including lolita. However, I notice that the group aren't going well.

Things that the admins provided are so helpful! I'll list it one by one..

1. Makeup and hair tutorials

2. Lolita Tips 

3. Lolita Brands

4. Craft & Sewing Tutorials

There are some contest too! The first contest is 'lolita coordinate' and I won the 3rd place :)) hehe.
Another contest is drawing contest: use lolita fashion indonesia's mascot. The drawing from the chosen winner for that contest is used as their facebook cover page (as you can see on the 1st pict on this post).
More and more contest will be revealed soon <3

We also made a little gathering <3 2 admins and 3 of lolita lovers are joining this meet up.

I do really hope that lolita community will be growing. Also, more and more people will loves lolita <3
I will also help lolita grows in Indonesia with my way. hehe
Don't forget to like the page, especially for Indonesian! :D

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