Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Looking through Memories & Resolutions

First of all, I want to say: HAPPY NEW YEARRR!!~
New year, means having new resolution and collecting some greatest/memorable moments in the previous year.

- Thinking back about the past (2013) what have I did? -

  • Self changes. Maybe some of you who already being friends with me, knew that I'm a nice, kind, and patient girl. However, looking back, I realized that I sometimes I act like children, act before thinking.. When I get upset, I did what I want to right at that time, eventhough it's not extreme. Right after I start my college, I tried to fix it, little by little.
  • Hobby. My parents started to acknowledge my skills at sewing. I notice that after I've made various outfit, they support me with what I love to do, cosplay and wear lolita. It's not that they doesn't allow me to do the hobby at first, but it's just making them realize cosplay and lolita are actually positive, not only something which is done for short term of fun.
  • Meet new friends & best friends. Through some Japanese events and new college I knew various great people and being friends with them.
  • Bangs. After about 10 years not having bangs at all (coz mom doesn't allow me), I decided to change my hairstyle by having straight bangs. lol.
  • Graduating from high school with good score.
  • Trying to lose some weight, but in the end I gain more weight compared to last new year OTL
  • Being thankful and happier in this new year - on many aspects.

For 2014, my resolutions are:
  1. Blogging more often. I realized sometimes I only have 2 post in a month, while sometimes I had 8. Therefore, I hope this year I could be informative and express my creativity through this blog by posting oftenly~ I also promise to have more quality pictures. Maybe you notice that there's some changes with my photos recently, right? Now I'm trying to edit all pictures as best as i could.
  2. Keep in touch with my best friends, cause I actually starting to lose friends right after graduation *sigh*
  3. Losing some weight. It's still on my wish list for this year, because I always feel insecure when I'm getting fat ;; Therefore I'll be more often in doing exercise, hopefully I could routinely do exercise 3-4 times in a week.
  4. Finish my college in mid 2014 and continue my university in Melbourne  :')
  5. Go to Japan with my own money. I'll try to search part time job at Melbourne and saving money for the trip. It's because I don't want to burden my parents and I think they could be proud when they know her daughter is independent.
  6. Having more wonderful memories and meet wonderful people.
  7. Care more with my skin. I usually very lazy to wash and clean my face at night, which I know it's really bad :/ Thank God that I don't have acnes.
  8. Create more wonderful outfit in terms of quality and quantity. This picture below, could summarize what I made during 2013. I hope one day i have a room which is full of my creations.

In short, I'm grateful for 2013 and I really hope 2014 will brought more smile to me :))

Have you did your resolutions? I really recommend it because it's important to know your goals and achievement~ :3

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