Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fashion Photography: Sweet Dessert

Few days ago, I had a chance to become a photographer (once again) and took some photos of a friend who loves lolita fashion. Both of us are not professional in modeling or photography. We just do our best in this photoshoot :)
Anyway, the dress and accessories are made by me.


As tea time already came, a girl who loves teddy bear confuse to pick a cake. All of the cake looks delicious~ 

After thinking several moments, she finally choose this cake. 
A combination of chocolate soft roll cake with matcha ice cream.

The taste is so heavenly soft, the chocolate feels melt in her mouth.
and the ice cream.. is a perfect combination with the cake. 
It's really delicious and not too sweet so she could finish this 1 plate for herself..

Her favorite tea is camomile, tea is the best compliment while eating a cake. It will neutralize the sweetness with its flowery scent..

She's really happy to visit this cafe, the interior, atmosphere, and food & drinks are so pretty with a touch of sweet and classic.


Special thanks to Rati Rati :)

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