Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lolita Ice Cream Party

Hello, these weekend was totally a blast to me and I'm still really happy right now.

So, yesterday I attend Ice Cream Party, hosted by the 3 admins from  Lolita Fashion Indonesia .
The venue is in Magnum Cafe, Grand Indonesia (Jakarta).

 After we finished eating our dishes, there's 2 mini game.
The first one is about predicting brand clothes. 
In this game, we were given some dresses pictures and we should write down the brand name.

and finally I win! lol. I didn't expect at all. *dancing*
Usually I like to visit some of the brand clothes websites such as Innoncent World, Baby, Angelic Pretty, etc. Each of them actually have specialty in the design, so based on their own specialty I tried to predict~ Luckily most of my prediction is true (like 3/4 of the question), so I get the prize :')
This bow headband is from Baby The Star Shines bright, one of my favorite Lolita store <3
Among all of my handmade lolita items, I'm so happy to finally have my very first favorite Lolita brand item.

Next game's winner <3 Congrats Sasya! :D

About 12 lolitas are coming in this meet up. 9 members + 3 admins.
Here's their coordinate pictures.






and here's my photo with my coordinate that day <3
Actually I toned down my lolita style, because of some reasons X3

Some people are asking for taking picts, as I expected. lol.

and here's the awesome admins!

Some photo with friends before going home~

and some selcas with Misa! She's a blogger too <3


See you on my next post~
and for Indonesian fellows who loves lolita, don't forget to like the PAGE <3 <3

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