Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Food Travel: Too Too Moo

Hello everyone,
sorry for my long absence! >w<
Few weeks ago, I got a chance travelling to Surabaya with my siblings. It was my first time travel to another city without my parents. LOL. 
We have lots of fun there~

First destination after we reach our hotel, we went to a dessert cafe named, 
Too Too Moo.
They have various desserts and some beverages. Too bad I don't have the courage to take picture for all cakes they display, because I was too shy >////< *slapped*.

The interior is really cozy. It feels like home for me <3
They also have television on the front cafe. You can play, talk, and relax in this place.

 Here's some desserts that we order

 1st dessert: Chocolate Tart (with marshmallow below the chocolate ganache and rhum)

Basically the taste is rich and fun, since they use marshmallow. However, you can feel very full after eating half of this tart. I also can't really taste the rhum when trying this tart, I think they have to put more rhum to the cake (*note: personally, I love the smell and taste of rhum). 

2nd dessert: Mango mouse (with sliced sponge cake)

This mouse is my choice and I didn't regret to order this XD I don't usually eat whole cake/desserts (I only take some bites), but for this one I can finish it by myself. LOL.
When usually you can feel very full when eating a cake, the 'sweetness' from mango in this cake won't make you 'feel sick' easily. Definitely a perfect combination for this cake!

3rd & 4th dessert: Dark Chocolate ganache cake and raspberry macaroon

First of all, sorry I don't really remember the exact name of the last dish, but if I'm not mistaken, those are the names. The chocolate ganache is really yummy, eventhough chocolate have rich flavour, but when eating the cake, it doesn't make me full easily (I think it's from the bitter taste from dark chocolate). The chocolate sponge feels very soft and fluffy too~
As for the macaroon, I really love how it taste! The texture is soft eventhough the outer part is kinda hard. Also, it's not very sweet like other macaroon usually are.

Overall, I love the cakes in here, since the sweet level is perfect (not too sweet) and the price is reasonable too (the range is about IDR 20,000 - IDR 50,000, but most cakes are IDR 30,000).

If you visit Surabaya, maybe you can drop by this place! :)


-- See you in my next post! :D

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