Tuesday, May 20, 2014

IBB makeup Challenge, all about Japan~

Sorry for lacking of posts, this month I have my final exams so I really need to study dilligently >w<

Anyway, Indonesia Beauty Blogger has a new challenge in May, which the theme is anything that relates to Japan. This time they're collaborating with Japan Softlens.
OMG, I'm so excited when reading the news! XD

Basically this makeup is about Lolita~
For those of you who didn't know about lolita, I'll show some pictures of the well known Lolita girl in almost all country~

-Misako Aoki- 
(picts taken from google)

I wanted to create Classic Lolita makeup look but still match the color of the dress I'm wearing, so I choose chocolate, mint blue, and white as the color for eyeshadow.
Here's the my selfie~ XD

credits to Noph Nov Photography

and below, you can see the dress I wanted to match with my makeup XD

Sorry I didn't make any tutorial for this makeup look, but I promise after my final exam is done I'll try to make several lolita makeup tutorial, since I actually wanted to share to all of you after I learn this makeup style from several sources. hehe.

Thanks for reading
and wish me luck <3

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