Monday, May 5, 2014

[Lucido-L] Hair Vitamin for dry hair

Finally after some hectic days preparing this and that for my fashion show (other than doing my primary job as a college student), I have more time to properly blog again :')

Today I have 2 hair products that I wanted to share.
Both of them is coming from the same brand, Lucido-L.
They have 3 choices based on types of hair, the one that I picked is for Dry Hair, since my hair is very damaged because of smoothing 1 year ago :')
*note: damaged hair can make hair easily dry.

First, Lucido-L Hair Vitamin Oil for Dry Hair.

The liquid is in form of oil, so it slides very quickly when I try to drop it on my hand. It can also absorp well into my hair after application.

See the picture below? this is a comparison before and after when I test the vitamin oil on my super dry hair :( I'm using 1/2 pump to achieve the 'after' picture.

The effect after using this product for few months: 
It really helps me to at least make my hair better (not really dry), but it's not that super awesome that can always make my hair smooth everyday. The effect after applying this vitamin oil after I wash my hair can be directly felt. Before (without using the oil), when I comb my hair, sometimes the comb get stuck, but if I apply the vitamin oil, my hair is very smooth and I can combed easily.
In my case, usually I only apply the vitamin oil (including vitamin spray) once in every 2 days (only when I wash my hair).

Second, Lucido-L vitamin spray.

The after effect of this spray is not as amazing as the vitamin oil. When I spray it to my wet hair, I still feel that my hair didn't change. However after my hair is dry, finally I can feel that my hair is smooth~
Therefore, the effect will be feel only when your hair isn't wet.

The long term effect for this item is more or less the same with vitamin oil :3

Anyway, I think that those 2 are a great product, considering the price which is very reasonable (about IDR 35,000 or $3) :) I recommend this hair product for those who want to have a good and healthy hair.

Thanks for reading! :)

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