Thursday, July 25, 2013

Japanese Fashion store on taobao

Hello everyone~
These days I'm really excited to search fashion related things on taobao, because Indonesia doesn't have various clothes that I want. and of course, taobao's price is CHEAP! That's why I love taobao <3 <3 hahahaha XD

After searching on taobao, I finally found some interesting shops. They have high rating, but the price is cheaper compared to other shop.

Well, here's the information~

1. Mysis

Price: 159 RMB

Price: 139 RMB

Price: 179 RMB

AMO, Katie, and Amoyamo style selection <3 They sell outfit, shoes, bags, accessories. Picture description is also very clear.

2. Pink princess 828

Price: 69.90 RMB

Price: 56.90 RMB

Vivi, Lena, and Liz lisa Selection. They also sell some fairy kei collection.
They sell outfit and few accessories.

3. Weidou

Price: 68.00 RMB

Price: 50.00 RMB

Many selection of Mori girl and denim style. 
Only sells tops, bottoms, dresses, and some stockings.

4. Lace Show

Price: 79 RMB

Price: 99 RMB

This shop has various style, from one-gyaru, amo, and casual.

5. Mine C

Price: 88 RMB

Price: 78 RMB

This shop is more into casual and classic style. However, they have some collection like amo and vivi too.

After you reading this post, are you thinking to purchase some items from those shops? hahaha XD
I think I might buy some outfit from some of the shop :P

Please let me know if you want me to share more about taobao store and what do you want to see <3 Because I might updating more about some information of taobao shop(s). Hopefully it's helpful~ hehe.

Thanks for reading,
see you~

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