Thursday, July 4, 2013

[Barbie Eye] phantom chocolate

Konnichiwa xD

My greetings is a little bit different from usual, because I learn Japanese language right now. hahaha.
After a long time not writing review for circle lenses, finally I'm back with a new product <3
and it is Barbie Eye Phantom lenses in Chocolate.

Some people also knew Barbie eye = Miomi. However, I'm still a little bit confused about that thing actually, because the diameter is different even though the product looks similar.

Manufacture : Barbie Eye
Origin Country : China
Diameter : 15.80 mm
Water content : 42~48 %
Life Span : 12 month

Packaging = To me, there's nothing special, except the picture on the label. There's an anime girl which I think it's unique~ However, it is a good thing they use a bottle to keep the new lens due to security reason.

Pattern = The pattern is ordinary. However, the color blend with my eyes perfectly which give a nice result.

Enlargement = this lens really makes my eyes huge OwO Moreover, it's suitable for dolly looks. Actually, I never brave enough to try 15++ lenses, because my eyes already look so big when I use Diva Soul lens and I'm scared it will be hard to put on the lenses.
However, this lenses is not "that big" to make my eyes like an alien :P The application is not hard too~ The only problem that I found is only at the first time when I want to take off the lens.

Comparison when using the circle lens (left) and normal eye (right)

Comfort = At first it's not really comfortable, maybe it's because the size. However, after using it for several minutes I don't find any problem with this lens. When I use it in an air conditioner room, my eyes didn't feel dry. 5-6 hours is the best time for using this lenses, because I feel a little tired when using Barbie Eye lenses for more than 8 hours.

Here's my conclusion :)

> Suitable for Dolly eye
> Not dry easily in AC room
> thin, so I don't really feel using lenses
> comfortable (for 5-6 hours)
> Affordable, only around $11
> Easy to find in Indonesia

> Hard to take off the lenses on the first time
> Not suitable without make up

Thanks for reading, have a good day :D

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