Monday, July 15, 2013

Rohto Cube C eye drop

Hello everyone,
so today I'm back with review~ xD

If you have read my SG haul, of course you knew that I bought Rohto eye drop~

For your information, there are several types of Rohto eye drop. This time, what I bought is an eye drop for contact lens wearer.

As for the price, I think it's pricey, it's around 8 SGD from Watsons. However I heard the quality is really good. Only few drops, it will moisture our tired eyes xD 
Is that true?  Just continue reading this post <3

Seeing from the box, I think it's quite big. At least I think I can use it for at least 3 months, because I rarely use softens on my daily activities.

After unboxing, I'm quite disappointed with the size of this eye drop. It's really small .___. Eventhough from the cover it's stated 8 ml, but I never expect it would turn out like this.

There's an instruction inside the box and it's written in English :)

After using it around 2 months, I found that it's actually really good!

When I use contact lenses, after 5-6 hours I found that my eyes are rather dry. Therefore, I use this eye drop and my eyes back to normal!
Usually 1 drop is enough for me. However, if your eyes feels really dry and tired, you can use 2-3 drop. Please keep in mind that use it slowly. I ever squeeze the eye drop too hard and it's not moisturizing my eyes, even it sting my eyes :X


-) Really moisture my eyes when using contact lenses.
-) Easy to use
-) Travel friendly


-) Pricey (if I also consider the quantity) .__.
-) Hard to get from Indonesia

I think I will try to search another eye drop, because it's kinda hard if I should go to Singapore for buying this product.

Thanks for reading,

have a lovely weekend <3

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