Thursday, June 20, 2013

SG haul + tutorial survey

Hi everyone <3
If you notice, I rarely post anything for the previous week. My life got super busy due to my piano concert which held on 15 June.
As a part of the committee, I need to make bunch of properties and attend some meeting :(

However, today I'm back to my routine as a blogger xD So, this will be a super late post after my first post of May haul. LOL.


I went to Singapore at the end of May with my grandma and mom. Also, we only spent 2 days there! LOL. But, I could still bought some items and I'm really happy about it~ hehe xD
When I flashback that time, I went to many places to get these items. The great thing is I don't get tired! *The power of shopping* LOL xD

However, I'm a little bit sad because I can't come to Funan Anime Matsuri. I really want to meet Kaname and the other guest star. Moreover, I want to visit the Maid&Butler Cafe too TT___TT
But that's fine, I just need to wait for AFA :3

So, what did I buy?

<3 A pink shoes. Bought from Vincci store

(Please pardon my big legs TT___TT)

<3 Rohto Cube eye drop and Hello Kitty Hand Sanitizer from Watson.
(will review the Rohto eye drop soon~ )

<3 Fabrics. There are so many cute fabrics in Singapore, but the price is a little bit pricey :P At least, the quality is really good!~ Bought from a store in People Park.

Last picture~
A photo of me after doing the piano concert. My face looks so freakin' asdjfkajskdfj :X

Anyway, I wanted to ask 1 question for all of you~ hehe.
In your opinion, should I make a video tutorial or tutorial in pictures?
Because I'm thinking to make another tutorial x)

Thanks a lot for your comments. I'm really happy to hear your opinion xD

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