Thursday, June 6, 2013

[Ecotools] 5 piece Mineral Brush Set

Hi everyone x3
I'm so sorry that I rarely update my reviews :X
However, today I'm back to review another product which is produced by Ecotools.

Specially designed as a friendly set brush. Let's take a look closer to the information which are written on the back part.

At first, I'm really confuse why this set is called 5 piece brush set, but I can only notice that there are only 4 brush on the website's picture.
Until it arrived, finally I know the remaining one is the cosmetic case. hahahaha xD

I love the design of this brush, it's simple and the color is nice. Also, the size is rather petite, so it's really convenient to use it as travel brushes.

From left to right =
eye shadow brush - concealer brush - Powder Brush - Baby Kabuki brush

Eventhough it is stated powder brush in the catalog, but sometimes I like to use it as blush brush. I will take fewer time when applying blusher to the apple of my cheek :D

The cosmetic case is not really useful after all, because I rarely put my brush in this case. However, at least I can put another makeup in here, so it's not a waste~

The good side for this brush that it is so soft. I'm so happy to play with the brush sometimes, because it's fluffy <3 LOL

Moreover, I have use this brush for around 4 months and I found nothing bad about this product.
So, I definitely recommend you to buy this set if you are searching for make up brush :D

What's your favorite brushes anyway? 
Share your opinion here~ hehe.

Thanks for reading,
have a good day :)

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