Saturday, June 22, 2013

why someone should be grateful

Actually, this post is not related to beauty or fashion. To be honest, I need to think almost twice to post this. However, I just thought that after reading this post you can found a new motivation.
Basically, it will be about my experiences. If you suddenly get bored when seeing my long writing, just close it, but I recommend you to keep reading. 
You will never knew if you have a similar experience with me and maybe you will be grateful for it.

These days, so many things happen to me. Most of them are bad things. I don't know why, but it seems all of my hard works never turn out good..

The IELTS test. I need to take this test as a requirement to enter my university.
I've done my best to study hard EVERYDAY, even I need to ask for approval to my school for not attending the activities after my final exam finished and use that time to take an IELTS course.
When I took the test, I'm 100% sure that I will be passed, because the test was easier than what I thought.
The results? I was failed. My overall score is 6.0, but the writing is 5.5
I only need to get 0.5 more and it made me dfdsfsdfsdfslgjskdjgksjdkgjsldgkj. *Super bad mood*

This past, actually I'm not 100% that I'll passed :P However, I want to try it, at least I will get some experience.
I don't know if actually I need to share these things :X However, yea I decided to tell it..
I join 2 auditions which held by MMK (moe moe kyun maid cafe) and angels. If you haven't know about MMK, it's actually a maid cafe that usually opens at AFA (anime festival asia). Just google it if you still don't have ideas xD LOL.

The second one, which is angels.. Actually it's an audition for cosplayer in my country, that later after some people are selected, they will be a team to do some cosplay together. So, basically they will do a freelance job as cosplayer in some events.  What I thought, someday Indonesia will known as country that has friendly and talented cosplayers because of this team. lol~
Finally.... I don't called for interview at MMK but get called for angels. hahaha.
At the end, after I've quarrel a little with my mom to join this things, I still didn't pass.
To be honest, I feel down when seeing the announcement, because I think there's still a hope that I will pass this time.

I've prepared many properties for my piano concert on the 15 June. The time management for making these things are not good. So, we (the committee) need to make everything in less than 1 month. Of course, almost everyday I feel super tired and almost get sick TTwTT
When the day come, I can't play well. There's a part where I stopped for 2-5 seconds and so many wrong notes! Erghh,, so sorry to Chopin for not playing your song well >w<

So, what's the point of telling those stories? Am I only complaining and get angry with it?
Absolutely not.

I never regret those things to happen. If I got the chance to go back and fix many things, I won't do it. Because, if I didn't experience it, I will never be better.

If I didn't failed on the previous IELTS test, I won't achieve a better score. Right now my overall score is 6.5 with 6.0 on writing, 7.5 on listening, 6.5 at reading, and 6.0 on speaking.  Moreover, I won't rely on God when waiting for the score. The 2nd test were harder, so I didn't think that I would pass. However, I believe God can do a miracle for me.
Other than that, I also made my parents proud because I was called to stand in the stage for getting 100 on English national exam and pass the ielts test with a good score.

If i didn't try my luck for joining the MMK and angels audition, I won't know the feeling when I got rejected and needs to improve in many things. Also, I also learn a lot that even though physical appearance is important, but socializing with others are more important. When people find something special from me, it means that I'm succeed.

If I didn't being a part as a committee, I will never experience on how to create an event and how to make it successful. Furthermore, I learned  a lot to make various things. Right now, I'm really good at using glue gun and wires :P (I rarely use them before. LOL xP)

There's still many things I should be grateful, but it will be too long if I list one by one. hahaha xD

If you feel really down and think you're not good, list down things that you feel happy in your life. For me it's really effective, because there won't be any people in this world who never feel happiness.
Every little things give a big impact.

So, I list 1 or 2 things that I'm happy everyday. If there aren't any, I'll just write a motivational quotes that I found on that day :P 

Hopefully this will motivates you to reach goals and be better.
Don't forget to believe in God on everything, but you needs to work hard too~ hahaha xD

be grateful for everything <3

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