Monday, July 1, 2013

Sugar Bunnies and Kurumi dress

I just came home from retreat yesterday. I'm super tired, but it was really fun and worth :3

Actually, I want to post another reviews and I've prepared for it. However, the memory card of my camera were broken. All photos which belongs to the reviews are there, so I need to retake the photos :(
Finally, I decided to post my recent artworks to keep this blog alive xD

and here it is =)

Photo taken by kamego~

I also found this photo at a fan page. It is HaraShibuBara, they usually post many things which relates to Japan culture. Mostly they are about gyaru, harajuku, and lolita! I really love to see their posts xD hahahah.

The photos above are taken from ennichisai. I was so happy at that time, because there's a Japanese man who said "Kawaii" to me. Maybe it's only a simple word, but it means a lot to me~ LOL.
Furthermore, there was an aunty who praise my outfit at that time. She said that it's cute and the design is unique. When hearing it, I was extremely happy! xD


Do you know Date a live? If you see the picture below, it's kurumi outfit that she use for her date~ You can see the movie on episode 8.

This outfit is like a miracle to me, because the final product turn out great even though I was really busy preparing my piano concert at that time. 

This piece is made for my friend~ :D

Well, I can't make many outfit on May-June. Hopefully, this month I can make many dresses. xD

Currently, I'm working at 2 biggest project for this year. 
*Spoiler: 1 of them will use a light armor, so this time I will learn to make something new *v*
The other one is taken from a popular anime and movie, Paradise Kiss. I was deeply in love with the movie and characters, so I decided to cosplay it. hehe.

Thank you for reading my post and see you :) :)

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