Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Introducing: Kawaii in Manila

Have you heard about Kawaii in Manila ?
Basically it is a fan page in Facebook, but they also have a website.
Something unique about them is that they make workshops and everything relate to kawaii~ XD
To be honest, I envy Philippines to have such awesome group *sigh* Hopefully the kawaii culture could develop more in Indonesia *pray* X3

Alright, back to the topic XD
Some of the workshops are DIY sessions, beauty&styling workshops, and kawaii photoshoot for everyone! ~

What I love from this page is that they post about great makeup products, cute things such as socks, decoden, etc..

Are you getting curious?
Well, here's some post they shared..

Moreover, they also introduce some kawaii items which you can found at Manila. Therefore, you could purchase it too when you visit Manila :D

Various of Deco rings <3

Cute bags collection~ You can found this bag at SM megamall Dept

Palty Hair Dye, now available on Philippines.
aaaaaa, I want those dyes too! It's kinda hard to get it from Indonesia TT^TT

Super cute keychains <3 You can search it at Landmark Dept. Store

Japanese Model, Rinrin also shows her support towards Kawaii in Manila :) :)

Last but not least, here's the super awesome TEAM !

Do you see a familiar face?
If you notice, the girl on the top left side is Kaila. She's one of a Kawaii.i leader <3

Oh anyway, they hold an international giveaway too.
Don't forget to visit & like the page and join the giveaway :3

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