Thursday, August 1, 2013

Etude House Beauty Workshop

Hello :)
Today I want to share my experience when I attend a beauty workshop by Etude House at Taman Anggrek Mall last Saturday.

At first, I didn't want to attend the workshop, because what I could learn are only Natural & Dolly look. I already know the steps, tips, & etc.. Moreover, I can watch some youtube videos from Bubzbeauty or other makeup gurus. LOL XD
However, my friend said to me that she want to go to the workshop.
*I got confused* @@
At last, I decided to accompany her and went to the beauty class~

Some of the participants~
They were staring at me when I took the photos. However, I don't care it and I continue to take another pictures :P LOL.

 The goodie bags. After the workshop, they give it to the ladies.

I was rather shocked with the lighting they provided. 
I rarely saw something like this, so pardon my old-fashioned side *slapped*

Basically, it is divided into 3 parts:
1. skincare step
2. Daily/Natural Makeup
3. Dolly Makeup

I. Skincare step
It's the most important things to do everyday. The basic need to achieve a flawless face is to do skincare routine correctly.

• Etude House lip&eye makeup remover
For those who wear makeup, we need to clean our face to start the steps.
• Skin Mal;gem toner
I love the smell of this toner, it feels sweet and refreshing. 
• Skin Mal;gem lotion
The purpose is to moisturize the skin.

Ci Sherly, as the makeup artist representative from Etude House, explaining the methods and some beauty tips.

All participant got different products, because it's tester :X

II. The Makeup

• BB Cream Bright Fit
Their best seller product. We can get a flawless face when using this item and it's safe to wear it on daily activities, because the formula is light and contain skin care.
• Powder
Just tap a little for daily makeup, in order to achieve a natural look.
• Eyebrow kit
For korean looks, it's one of the key point :3
• Eye primer
To make the eyeshadow and eyeliner last longer. It also helps to show the color of the eyeshadow.
• Eyeshadow
Just use 2 types of eyeshadow (light&darker tones) to create a simple look. However, we need to use 1 tone of eyeshadow (dark tones only, like brown/grayish black) to achieve dolly looks.
• Eyeliner
Applied on the upper part and lower part (draw half way only) of eyes.
• Mascara
One of the most important part of eye look~
• Blusher
Apply on the apple of our cheeks <3
• Lipstick
We need to use this, so we can look fresh.
• Lip Gloss
 Just apply it on the center of lip.

 So, last session is camwhoring! Hahahaha XD
However, this time I didn't want to take much photos :P There are many people at that time, so it's not really convenient.

My friend & me

Want to see the before after pictures?

My bare face .___.  Looks flat and uglehh :(

and now, transform to a princess (?) 
*influenced by Etude House* LOL.

Last picture, with ci Sherly <3
She's super kind, sweet, pretty, down to earth, and amazing! I don't know how to describe. hahahah.
My face looks so round, because I smile widely. I can't deny that I'm really happy at that time :3

Have you ever attend any beauty class?
Share your experience too with me, because I want to experience other beauty class to expand my knowledge~ hehe.

Thanks for reading <3

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