Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Body shop - eyeshadow palette #2 smoky bronze

I just realized that I haven't post anything lately .__.
Yeah, I miss blogging now :(
Recently, so many things happen. Some were bad and some were good.
Moreover, I also learned so much things about life in this month which makes me realized that I'm truly blessed :')

As for holiday, I went to Puncak and Bali last week. I had lots of fun~ 
and yes, Bali's food is super duper DELICIOUS. I'll drool again when I remember that time XD
Luckily, eventhough I eat like craziehh I didn't gain weight *yeayyyy*


So, today I'm back with another review.
This review will be about THE BODY SHOP #2 smoky bronze eyeshadow palette
and here's my thought ..

• Packaging: The design is simple and elegant. Also, I love how they put mirror and 2 mini brush for wearing the eyeshadow. It's really convenient, so I don't need to bring my "long" eyeshadow brush with me in my makeup pouch :D For the brush itself, it's soft and the quality is good (For the brush fibre, it's similar like Masami shouko brush). However, the size is rather big, it will takes many spot in my makeup pouch. Therefore, I rarely bring it with me :(

(close up to the eyeshadow)

• Texture: they are easy to blend, but the palette tends to get a little bit messy everytime I use it. (eventhough I'm already careful when using it)

(swatches in my hand. From right to left, the darkest shade to the lightest)
all colors are shimmering

• Pigmentation: I will say this product is so-so for the pigmentation. Why? because I need to swap like 3 times to make the eyeshadow appear on my eyelid. I would say coastal scents eyeshadow still much more better than this. 

• Lasting power: I must say the power is not really bad. When using the eyeshadow with eye primer, it will last for around 6 hours.


> Have mirror+2 mini brush
> Great for smoky looks
> Lasting power is good
> Easy to blend

> pricey, I think its around $20++ (can't remember the exact price)
> the eyeshadow rather easy to get messy

So, that's the end of my review.
See ya~

*Ps: I have a new hairstyle XD I will post about it soon~

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