Thursday, August 29, 2013

My love for fashion + Recent activities

Hello everyone :)
Maybe you've notice that I rarely post something on my blog lately :(
It's not because I have problems or I'm busy with college,
but actually I create a BIG plan for next month..

What is it? Are you curious? XD XD
Actually I made a plan for cosplaying an artwork from sakizou. She's truly an awesome illustrator, I've never easily fall in love with someone's works..
Still doesn't believe me? Well, just google on the internet by writing "sakizou artworks" and I'm really sure you will surely adore her works. LOL.

Okay, done with the introduction~

In short, I will be cosplaying as this character.. Her name is diamond :)

What's your first impression when seeing the picture above? Tell me! :D

As some of you already know that I can sew, so this time I took the challenge to make it by myself. It was such a HUGE challenge for me. However, if I could made this dress perfectly, that means I've improved a lot! *yeayyy*

Right now, I'm still working on the dress, which means I can't show the final product to you..
However, in this video you can see my "half" progress on the dress.
I think I only have like 3 weeks to complete the outfit, and it took me from day to night to accomplish the deadline. Am I crazy? I think almost~ HAHAHA.

Moreover, you can see some of my artworks in the video. I don't know if you could get the big picture of my love towards fashion in this video. However, at least you could knew a little piece of my life :)

Hopefully you can see the video clearly and sorry for some miss focus parts. Next time I'll try to improve on the video taking and editing. Ganbatte! X3


-) I will wear the outfit on Anime Festival Asia (AFAID) 2013 next week, on Saturday. Therefore, if you see me wearing those outfit, don't forget to call my name or poke me XD hehehe.

-) The video is actually made to submit my registration to attend JENESYS 2.0 fashion program. Hopefully I get the opportunity to go to Japan and enlarge my knowledge & experiences towards fashion :')

Hopefully I could update more in this blog and accomplish the outfit soon!~
Wish me luck guys >w<

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