Monday, August 19, 2013

I-fairy Circle Lenses in super CHEAP price

Well is it true?
Yes, this time I'm not kidding XD
A pair of I-fairy circle lens will cost ONLY IDR 120.000

If you guys notice, usually you can buy it at IDR 200.000 from online shops in Indonesia.
Therefore, it's a really good price right? X"")

Why is it so cheap?
Because, one of my friend will be going to Malaysia and she wants to help those who likes this lens by bringing some to Indonesia~
(It's good to help others <3)
Yea, if you directly go to Malaysia you'll absolutely get a friendly price~ hahaha. 
Of course it's a really great deal right?

Here's some of the pictures which taken from the website

The lenses is super duper pretty TT^TT
I feel wants to buy all the lenses *SLAPPED* hahahaha.

Well, you can directly see all products and informations in this LINK

1. Provide the series name of product(s), color, prescription
2. Send your order to my friend (

So, this time it's not me who'll order it, but it will be my friend. I just only promote it ~~

The order will close on Thursday, 22 August 2013. The time is very limited ;;w;;
But the good news is she'll go back to Indonesia on 27 August, so it's like only around 5-7 days and you can get your lenses <3

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