Friday, August 9, 2013

[Lucaille] 100cm blonde wig

Hi everyone~
It's been a long time since I post my last review about wig x3
Actually there's some of my new wigs which is waiting to be reviewed. hahaha.
Finally, here's my thought about my wig which I bought from taobao store, Lucaille.
The price is 100 yuan (around $10), but I bought it for $24 after I count with shipping price, agent fee, etc..

Taken from a video by Agnicom. Edited by me.

The packaging only comes with a plastic bag, just like other taobao wig stores.

•  Color : Real products and the picture's website is really similar. I'm really satisfied with the color, because the color is really nice.

Thickness : The thickness is just perfect, not too thin or thick. The cap can't be seen and the volume of the hair made it looks like a normal hair.

Smoothness : The smoothness is similar to real hair. However when the wig is tangled, anti frizz and comb won't be enough. So, it's very hard to maintain the smooth :X I think if it's just 80 cm long it will be fine. As you can see on the photo, the tangled part is only at the bottom and the middle is alright.
Also, when I comb it and collecting the fallen hair, it's a handful of my hand. I don't know what did I do to my wig previously on the event until I can't fix this tangled part .__.

Cap : It fits perfectly to my head. For those who have big head like me or long hair, I think this wig will suits you.

The center of wig on the upper head

Fiber : They use kanekalon fiber as the materials to make this wig. You can iron the wig if you want to :) Other than that, the fiber is good enough so it doesn't flashy/looks fake when I wear it.

and the last part,
My photo when I wore the wig XD

Photo taken with flash
credits to kamego

Photo taken with indoor lighting
With my cosplay partner, Felicia <3 She also use Lucaille wig.
Photo credits to Herlina.


So, here's my conclusion..

+ Big cap
+ Not look flashy
+ Real product similar to the picture's website
+ Heat resistant
+ Light (My head doesn't really heavy when I wore it)
+ Looks like human hair

- Easy to tangled (because it's really long)
- Not really suitable to use it outdoor, because it can be super messy
- Hard maintenance

No. i don't think I'll buy 100 cm wig anymore. Actually Lucaille is one of my favorite wig shop. However, I admit this wig is not as good as I thought *sigh*

Rating = 6/10
*If you search long wigs, in my opinion cosroom still much more better than Lucaille

Thanks for reading,
have a nice day :)

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