Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Beautiful day - Anime Festival Asia day 2 (7/9/13)

Yo~ Hello everyone XD
Actually before posting this entry, I want to share product reviews. However, I just couldn't wait till the time I can share my happy memories on Anime Festival Asia. All of them are a SUPER AWESOME experience for me. You'll know why later, so keep reading :D

As some of you already read my previous post, I planned to cosplay as Diamond from Sakizou artworks. I completely finished the dress on friday, H-1 to the event :P LOL.

credits to kamego

Many friends were coming to the event, because it's one of the biggest event in Indonesia. Too bad I can't took photos with all of my friends, the event were super hectic. I can't move freely TT^TT

Also, here's a cosplayer who won AFA Single competition this year. She's my friend too~
Her cosplay are so freakingly awesome <3

With cute Angie, one of the cosplay judges :D

Last but not least, full body pictures of me. I don't find any spot to take a picture, so finally car park was my last choice. HAHAHA.

Actually I'm thinking to do some photo session with this outfit, since it's one of my masterpiece (currently). LOL
Also, next time I'm going to show the detailed part of this dress. There are beads, draperies, cameos, etc..

Too bad I only spent like 4 hours on Saturday. However that's fine, I could save up my energy for Sunday~ hehe.
More surprise will be on my next post :D

to be continued....

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