Sunday, September 29, 2013

[L-email] Red+black punk lolita wig

As I promised, today's entry will be about review~
The wig is from L-email taobao
Actually, I order a pink+purple gradient wig but instead of that wig, they sent me this red+black gradient wig -___- 
Basically, I could wear this wig for punk/gothic coordinate, but my fashion style are more into lolita. At last, I never wear this wig and finally I decided to sold them..
More or less, my review for the wig will be similar with this post. However, I'll just add some important information..

Anyway, the length for this hair is approximately 65cm.

As usual taobao wig, they came with a plastic bag.
Also, for this wig it consist a curly long base wig and 2 clip on (as the twin tails)

 (base only)

(with the twintail clip on)

For a person who aren't a fan of red (like me), I actually don't like the color of the red part. It's like the color of red chilli which is super light O_O


The bangs are already styled, so you won't need to cut it by yourself~ Moreover, I also love the curly sides. Overall, I think the wig styling is great.

See the middle part of the wig? Yes, it's looks like the scalp of real hair, which is the good side of this wig.

See the differences of the pictures above? OMG, with flash it really shows that the wig is SUPER fake TT^TT However, in indoor room (no direct sunlight or flash) this wig won't look too shiny.

more information, please check this link for my review


Now, let's jump to my conclusion..

+ Affordable (only 98 yuan if I'm not mistaken)
+ The cap is big enough (because I have thick hair & this wig still fits perfectly to my head)
+ Good styling
+ There's a scalp (not many wigs have it)

- Considered heavy when I wear it with the clip on
- Rather easy to fall out, so it needs extra care
- Rather shiny/looks like a wig

Do I recommend it?
Not really, you better buy from another store. However, if you only have very limited budget, you can consider to buy wig from this store. However, beware you'll experience the same thing as me, they sent me a wrong wig. lol.

Thanks for reading <3
Have a nice day :)

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