Sunday, September 22, 2013

Merging Design & Fashion Together, a Japanese magazine site

Hi everyone, 
how was your weekend? hehe :3

Today, I want to introduce a website which is SUPER AWESOME...
You can find so much magazine, whether it's about fashion, beauty, anime, crafts, etc~ It's not only for female, but male could also found their favorite magazine on that website.
What's good is you can download the magazine for FREE!

In short,
introducing you.......

To me, personally I love to read Kera and Ray magazine.

Kera will fulfilled my knowledge about lolita/harajuku fashion, because that's a fashion that I truly loved. Too bad I can't oftenly wear that kind of fashion in Indonesia. I'll look friggin' crazy to my surrounding XD hahaha.

For Ray, it's more like daily Japanese outfit. It's simple but cute <3 These kind of fashion will be more suitable to wear it in my country :3
Actually I've read Vivi, With, Cancam and some other fashion magazine. However, I felt that Ray is still my favorite~ I recommend you to read the magazine :D

If you like to see other category of Japanese magazine, just visit the website and download it~

Hope this post will be helpful for all of you <3

Byeee :D

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