Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Taobao Found: Japanese fashion Stores

Hello everyone,
I guess my previous post about japanese fashion store in taobao is quite popular. hehe
Therefore, now I'm going to tell some shops which I found nice and of course the price is CHEAP! HAHAHA.

Here's the list..

1. Coconuts
The style mostly pastel colors with laces. It represents cute harajuku style. However I found that the size is kinda small, approximately up to small L size. But you better check the store + sizing~
Selling: shoes, clothes (from dress to pants), accessories, socks/legging

Price: 150 RMB 

Price: 75 RMB

2. Link
(Sorry I don't know the name, because I can't really read Chinese TT__TT)
Selling various of shoes, from lolita to normal/casual shoes.

Price: 88 RMB

Price: 98 RMB

3. Ggshe
The style is mori girl, but I found that the clothes are simple/casual but still looks cute.
Selling: clothes (pants, dresses, skirt, blouse,etc)

Price: 62 RMB 

Price: 55 RMB

The style is really vary, but mostly it's cool harajuku and casual fashion style. If you read vivi magazine, the clothes are mostly like that XD
Selling: clothes (dress,blouse, pants, skirt,etc)

Price: 58 RMB

Price: 38 RMB

Selling japanese cute clothing like Amo, Milk, Kokokim. 
They have clothes (dresses, skirt,etc), accessories, and bags.
*note: I've purchased some items from them, I'll start on making the review later~

Price: 89 RMB 

Price: 129 RMB

Alright, that's all for today~
I'm going to write more when I found another shops.
After writing this, I wanted to buy some clothes from taobao, but I shouldn't because I've bought too many things this month :')

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