Thursday, April 17, 2014

How to shop on taobao

Some people have been asking me about how I shop various items from taobao.
Before I'm telling the method, I'll briefly explain what taobao is about..

Basically, taobao is a website that gathers various stores in it. It's almost similar to ebay, but I found that some shops are usually really creative in creating the layout design for their websites.
There are so many items in taobao, you can find anything. From wigs, fashion items, electronics, even food and drinks. LOL. 

Some of you might think, I can read/write chinese, because I can almost find various things that I want from taobao. In fact, NO :")
Here's some tips and trick if you want to search particular items from taobao.

Use google translate. (this is my secret method on understand the item description and search items that I want).

As an example, I'm going to search dresses in japanese style..

1. Go to

2. Write keywords in the text box that you wanted to buy. After you press enter, you will see something like this picture.

write unique word about the items that you search. The easiest way to search is to write the brand name, like amo/liz lisa/milk/angelic pretty, etc.. You can also write popular magazine name like vivi, lena,etc..
Also, you need to specify the items that you want to search, whether it's shoes or bag or clothes,etc.
If you don't know the chinese words, go to google translate.

3. From various choices of items that come up from the search list, click on the image that you like. Then you will be directed to the website store and you will see something like this.

after translating to english

Directly use google translate for the website, so it's easier for you to search things that you like.
However, if you already frequent visit taobao, it's better to read the chinese words so you'll used to see chinese. Sometimes the description of some items will be using pictures, so you won't be able to translate it by using google translate.

To search things, it's only as simple as that~ easy right? hehehe.


Alright, another knowledge~

Here's Taobao rating system (from lowest to highest). 
More people visit the shops, then the rate will goes up.

*Usually I only buy items from shops that have minimal 4 diamond, so it's more secure because there are many people who have bought from the shop.

Other than the steps that I've told you.. Most of the time, when I wanted to buy particular item, I will search people's review about some products from some shops. That's because you'll know the quality of the items from that shop, usually pictures from real life can tell it's quality right?
However the downside is, the price would be higher compared to the items that you search using the search box (the method I've explained earlier).

Last step, which is very important~ Search an agent which able to help you buy the things you want.

For Indonesian,
Link of the taobao agent : HERE
or if you buy items within small quantity, you can try this LINK (the agent ship internationally)

Alright, that's all for today.
Hope it's helpful :)

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